TEST : Peter's Patch

	Hi all,
I've shortly tested a patch from Peter. In 2 words : It's great! It just 
rips a lot of duplicated code from gtk+ out of the address-entry sources 
without trouble (at least I have seen nothing). I only noticed that the 
expansion is no more highlighted, but I don't think this is an issue. 
Moreover this will be far easier to port to gtk+-2.0 now. So I think this 
patch should be considered for more testing and then inclusion in 
CVS/1.2.4 (the patch applies on vanilla 1.2.4).
Moreover there are quite a lot of clean-ups for the remaining code (that 
has drastically been reduced by the patch : about 20Ko of sources and 15Ko 
of object file!), that should cure several mem leaks, overkill algo...
I'll wait to see what happens to Peter's patch before releasing a clean-up 

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