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I'm sorry if this gets double posted - I didnt realize
that I had to be a member of the list to post. I've
subscribed and I'm reposting. Sorry for any trouble.


Greetings everyone,

Hi, I've been using balsa and I think, all in all, it
is the best graphical emailer I've used in unix, ever.
I have, however, a small feature request, that I'm
sure it'll be trivial to you - unfortunately I cant
code a line worth of C... so is life :) Anyway, it's
like this: I dont really use the "Preview Pane"
thingy, so, usually when I'm reading my mail I just
double click on the message I want to open it in a new
window. I tend to keep a few (many) messages open
floating around in my desktop because there's
something in them that I'll need later. Usually I just
double click on the titlebar to shrink them, and let
them be. What I could really use was that the subject
of the message in question was appended after the
"Message" in the window title, so I could identify
them quicker, instead of restoring each window to its
previous state, searching for the email I want. I
sifted a little through balsa's code and eventually
got into balsa/src/message-window.c, where there's a
function called message_create_new, which is, I
believe, the place where that window is created. I
fiddled around with this line 'mw->window =
gnome_app_new("balsa", "Message");', but my C skills
arent really that great, so I couldnt get it to work
:) Oh well, I figured one of you could easily do it in
a few seconds, so here am I. Any chances of adding
such a feature to balsa ? Or if thats not an option,
could someone be so kind to guide me in the right
direction so I could try to do it myself (really, cant
see me doing that, but one never knows...). Any help
would be very much appreciated. Thanks everyone, for
such a terrific program.


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