Re: Some items are not threading v1.2.3

On 2002.01.24 11:03:47 +0000 Peter Bloomfield wrote:

> Well, I won't call it an audit, so anyone should correct me if I'm wrong:
> - simple threading is based solely on a list of references provided by the 
> libmutt code, which builds it from the References: and In-reply-to: fields;
> - JWZ threading also uses the Subject: field, but only as a fallback for a 
> message that doesn't yield the references list;
> - Balsa handles threading in its own code, so nothing assures that it will 
> yield the same threads as mutt.

> The next time you see a message that's incorrectly threaded, could you 
> check its headers?

it usually happens for me with mails that go to the list and are Cc:ed to

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