Re: Some items are not threading v1.2.3

On 2002.01.24 04:52 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> On 2002.01.24 14:55:44 +0000 Philip Rhoades wrote:
>> Thanks for that - I had a look and I understand that the threading 
>> is done on a few different fields - but that doesn't explain why 
>> balsa is not doing the same thing as mutt - I thought they were 
>> using the same algorithm? mutt is doing the right thing as far as I 
>> can see.
> I noticed our jwz threading fails when we got the message through 
> Cc:. That
> may be correct or not, i'm not sure. The threading code needs to be 
> audited
> as it's quite complex but noone seems to volunteer ;) -- Carlos 
> Morgado

Well, I won't call it an audit, so anyone should correct me if I'm 
- simple threading is based solely on a list of references provided by 
the libmutt code, which builds it from the References: and In-reply-to: 
- JWZ threading also uses the Subject: field, but only as a fallback 
for a message that doesn't yield the references list;
- Balsa handles threading in its own code, so nothing assures that it 
will yield the same threads as mutt.

The next time you see a message that's incorrectly threaded, could you 
check its headers?

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