Re: Some items are not threading v1.2.3

On 2002.01.23 17:56 Philip Rhoades wrote:
> Hi all,
> I noticed some mails in a file were not threading (~50%) - I checked 
> in mutt and that looked 100%.
> What is the algorithm for deciding that a second mail should be 
> threaded to a first?  In mutt it seems that the decision is just on 
> the Subject field.

 From src/balsa-index-threading.c:

  * This file includes two message threading functions.
  * The first is the implementation of jwz's algorithm describled at
  * . The another is very simple 
and  * trivial one. If you confirm that your mailbox includes every 
threaded  * messages, the later will be enough. Those functions are 
selectable on
  * each mailbox by setting the 'type' member in BalsaIndex. If you 
don't need
  * message threading functionality, just specify 

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