Re: Balsa crashes when receiving email

On 2002.01.20 15:24 Carlos Morgado wrote:

>> To add to all the weirdness going on, here's a new bit: I cannot 
>> replicate this crash any more. Simply, it won't bloody crash. Don't 
>> start cursing at me that soon, though. I'm sure it was 'delete 
>> messages from server after download' which made it crash at that 
>> point since I *exhaustively* tested and replicated the problem over 
>> and over. Anyhow, I can now use that option. Unless I'm having 
>> visions and such, this is strange.
> k, did you see it happen across reboots ? considering all the 
> weirdness
> i'm thinking you might have had a page stuck into a bit of bad memory.

It definately happened across reboots, since I had this problem for 
some time and this is my desktop so I reboot it everyday. So supposedly 
this rules the page stuck bit out.

> and it still doesn't crash after you recompile without PopDebug right?

Yes, won't crash anymore be it PopDebug set to 0 or 1. I recompiled 
again with it set to 0. No crashing.

By the way, in the previous mails on this thread, Ali Akcaagac said he 
was experiencing the same problems. How do you set your 'delete 
messages from server' option, Ali? And could you provide a backtrace of 
your crashes if you still experience those? I would like to know how 
much of the same problem it is.


// Paulo Andre'

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