POP mail retrieving crash - a likely cause [was: Re: Balsa crashes when receiving mail]


Seems I finally found the cause for this weird and ugly crash. After 
experimenting with all my three POP servers I reached a conclusion: it 
crashes when I have the 'delete messages from server after download' 
option CHECKED.

To make it even more strange, it will crash when that is selected on 
two of my remote mailbox servers but not on the third one (it crashes 
with a portuguese provider, netc, and yahoo! mail; it doesn't with my 
university POP). So, if I forget about this option OR I select to 
delete mail from server only for Uni mail, then I'm fine: no crashes 
whatsoever. I've now been able to replicate this on and on, so it's 
definately something to do with this option.

It would be alright if we could find actually why it happens and fix 
it, but as a last resort, I can definetely live with it.

// Paulo Andre'

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