Re: Balsa crashes when receiving email

On 2002.01.18 02:05 Ali Akcaagac wrote:

> i replied to your absolute
> first email on this list

Sorry, it was not.

> and couldnt help you because i didnt know the
> version of balsa you are running. we are getting people here
> complaining
> about why balsa 1.0.1 doesnt work correctly while we are at 1.2.3
> stable
> and 1.3.0 development. its not meant to piss you off or bother you its
> just a question.

Perhaps it was just my bad mood deriving from Balsa problems. As you 
can see, I immediately replied to my own email, giving all the relevant 
data that was missing before without a single hint on your attitude. 
Then I read your reply and sorry, it's just not the kind of attitude 
I'm used to get from different hackers, especially on this list. It's 
all settled now and it doesn't matter so no hard feelings.

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