Re: Trash Will Not Stay Empty

On 2002.01.14 08:45 Emmanuel wrote:
> On 2002.01.13 21:42 Barry Skidmore wrote:
>> I have only been using Balsa 1.2.3 for a couple of weeks, but am 
>> having an annoying problem:  if I empty the "Trash", log out, log in 
>> again, and start up Balsa, all the deleted messages are back in my 
>> Inbox.
>> Is there a setting somewhere I need to set?
> In fact like others have said this happens when you logout with 
> exiting Balsa. This is because Balsa will commit all changes (so 
> empty tray in particular) on exit. If you ever kill Balsa instead of 
> exiting it cleanly you'll loose all your changes (like in other 
> apps). So be sure to cleanly exit, and to be even more cautious you 
> can "commit all" your changes on a regular basis during your session.
> Bye
> Manu

Changes are committed whenever the mailbox is closed, so you may just 
want to close a mailbox that you're not actively using.

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