Re: Trash Will Not Stay Empty

On 2002.01.13 21:42 Barry Skidmore wrote:
> I have only been using Balsa 1.2.3 for a couple of weeks, but am having 
> an annoying problem:  if I empty the "Trash", log out, log in again, and 
> start up Balsa, all the deleted messages are back in my Inbox.
> Is there a setting somewhere I need to set?

In fact like others have said this happens when you logout with exiting 
Balsa. This is because Balsa will commit all changes (so empty tray in 
particular) on exit. If you ever kill Balsa instead of exiting it cleanly 
you'll loose all your changes (like in other apps). So be sure to cleanly 
exit, and to be even more cautious you can "commit all" your changes on a 
regular basis during your session.

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