Re: Balsa 2.0

On 2002.01.13 00:59 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> by my previsions gnome2 won't happen for most people before summer so i
> myself wasn't in a big rush :)
> someone asked --enable-gnome2 - imho it's possible but i'm not sure if
> it's
> a good idea cause it means having a lot of ifdef stuff for a short period
> of
> time. maybe a branch would be better, even if it means a bit of work
> merging
> it. pawel ?

Yes, I think a branch is a better idea. We can branch off balsa_2_0 
whenever there is some substantial work done on porting and assume that 
balsa-2.0 will require gnome-2.0 (possibly backporting some changes to old 
balsa if there is need and available workforce).


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