Re: [libesmtp-devel] Licence issues for libESMTP (and Balsa) - long (was Re: NTLM authentication)

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Ali Akcaagac wrote:

> how comes that whenever i listen to OpenSSL related discussions it ends
> in the same situation. well i remember that evolution people have the
> same issues with the OpenSSL package. i don't get why the person who
> creates OpenSSL decides for such a stupid licensing modell if no one
> else is able getting their shit compiled against that stuff because of
> licensing violations. to say this really pisses me off.

I still hope that competition will - in the end - lead to less strict

> it's a known fact that a lot of 3rd party applications programmers,
> either KDE, BALSA, EVOLUTION and whatever else seem to have this
> problem, i don't get it why that guy doesn't simplify his licensing
> modells.

He wrote it, he chooses the license. Remember, there is no natural right
to use somebody else's code in your application. Unless it's GPLd and
your application is, but then that's a special copyleft license crafted
for this purpose.

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