Re: Running Balsa

>You must be installling a RH 7.2 rpm, not a 7.1 one.  This is one 
>reason why I try to use src.rpms, when I can.  It helps avoid that 
>problem.  Anyway, you need an rpm compiled against 7.1 or to get 7.2.  

Everything seems to indicate I just need to get the source rpms and try going that way.  I am inexperienced at building from source though so that might create some new problems for me.

>I have both 7.1 and 7.2, 7.2 is nice, but it's gnome won't work on my 
>machine very well (yet, I just haven't had time to debug the problem), 
>so I've stuck with 7.1.  Also, I can't stand that new feature in gnome, 
>nautilus.  That is just personal preference though.  Took me a while to 
>get a nice working gnome without it on my laptop (which runs 7.2).

I agree about 7.2.  I installed it and had several problems. I do not like Nautilus either. It is such a resource hog. It also wants to control the desktop and things just don't seem to work right.  Of course, I'm so new to anything in Linux that nothing seems to work "right" to me.  I'm still learning.

Thanks for all your help.

>For rpms, try:
>  Carlos made quite a few libesmtp rpms and put them 
>there, a while ago.  There should be ones for 7.0, 6.2, 7.1, and 7.2

I will look there.

Thanks again.

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