Re: Crash on sending mail resolved

On 2001.12.30 05:36 Gaelyne Gasson wrote:
> G'day Peter,
> Sorry I'm so behind on responding to this Email -

No problem.

>> If you're using a fixed width font, the only feature that I know of 
>> that might mess around with the layout of your messages is the 
>> `format=flowed' code. (I note that you have it enabled--thanks! It 
>> makes multiple quotings much easier to follow.) Leading spaces are 
>> treated carefully to preserve line layout, but it's certainly 
>> possible that they're not handled exactly right. You could try 
>> (separately and jointly) turning it off for receiving and sending, 
>> and see if that makes any difference.
> I've turned this off, and it did seem to give an improvement.

OK! Then that was the problem. There was a bug in handling f=f during 
postpone/resume operations, which may have been the issue. It has been 
fixed in cvs--would you like to try turning it on again?

> Thanks for this - as it turns out I do edit text after writing and 
> many of my paragraphs had been ending with two blank spaces.  These 
> details helped solve the problem.  Thanks!

You're welcome.


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