Re: [BUG] : Ask password hangs (<-- bugzilla)

On 25.02.2002 22:48 Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2002.02.25 12:56 Emmanuel wrote:
>> 	Hi all,
>> I saw this bug on bugzilla and looked at the code in src/balsa_app.c, 
>> try this :
>> in ask_password(2) replace the call to ask_password_mt by 
>> ask_password_real (ie use same function for threaded/non-threaded 
>> code). It just works for me! In fact I do not understand why there was 
>> so much complexity.
> I attached a proposed fix to 
> - it should work but an 
> independent verification would be appreciated.

This seems OK for me. No bug, hang (even on startup). Though I have not 
tested it online.
BTW we are looking at this code there are 3 things that are annoying 
(IMPORTANT : I'm still using 1.2.4!!!) : first is that we don't check the 
return code of gnome_dialog_run_..., so if user pushes Cancel we don't 
take care of that. Second is that when I have set up the new pop3 box for 
testing, it has not been checked during the session (though I pushed 
several times on check button). I had to exit and re-launch Balsa to have 
it taken into account. Third the password is always re-filled with 
"password", so to make the test I had each time to go to pref and put the 
password field to blank. But these bugs have perhaps been already 

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