[Q] : Sentbox managing

	Hi all,
here is a problem I saw : if you queue your mails by default. You type a 
new mail, send it, and finally you want to correct it (yes it happens to 
me sometimes ;-). Then you just go to the Outbox (where the mail is 
queued) move it to the draftbox and correct it and resend it. Then you 
push the Send queued mails button.
So what : it has sent only this mail only once, but as you can see in your 
sentbox, you have the 2 versions of this mail because each time you send a 
mail is it also fcc in your sentbox. So later when you look in your 
sentbox you can have the bad feeling that the mails have all been sent.
So, when we move a mail from the sentbox, should not we test if the pref 
"copy outgoing mails to sentbox" is set, and if yes trash the 
corresponding mail that is in the sentbox, so that the sentbox actually 
reflects the sent mails?

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