Re: HTML shortcoming

Am 2002.08.03 16:31 schrieb(en) M. Thielker:
> Hi all,
>  I have just found that I am unable to view HTML email with external 
> references in my browser through Balsa.

Ali tried to implent it, but never released a patch, so I think he fell 
over the gtkhtml-docu ;-)

> I believe the solution to that would be an option in the message menu, 
> "View current part in browser".

If you rightclick on text/html there is already the gnome-vfs menu where 
you can select a browser.
I think the message menu is not enough (many people won't look there...), 
perhaps a general item on the toolbar "view with external program", 
onclick() the dependant gnome-vfs proggi will be started (eog, galeon, 
gedit, whatever)


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