HTML shortcoming

Hi all,

  I have just found that I am unable to view HTML email with external 
references in my browser through Balsa.

Most HTML email containing external references is spam. Agreed. But 
sometimes, I need to view such an email, regardless.

If it's multipart, there is no problem. Right-click the part, select "View 
in browser" and off it goes.
More and more, people have taken to sending email that does not have a 
text/plain part and has mo embedded pictures. On such email, the part list 
is not shown. So there's no way to right-click anything. It's simply not 
possible to view that email in my browser easily. The only workaround is to 
save the email using "Save current part", then opening a browser to view 
the file.
I believe the solution to that would be an option in the message menu, 
"View current part in browser".

Suggestions? If that's ok, I think I can code it, it's classical 


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