Re: probs with umounting nfs mailboxes

Am 2002.04.25 21:04 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
> On 2002.04.26 02:53 Stephan André Schmidt wrote:
>> I have got probs with umounting my mailboxes which are mounted via NFS. 
>> I have mounted /var/spool/mail/username and /home/username/mail via 
>> NFS. When trying to umount these mailboxes I am not able to do so. I 
>> get the message(s) 'ressource busy' or '/mnt/export/...' is not 
>> mounted. I have got these problems with all versions of the 1.3.x 
>> series. I do not have these probs using balsa 1.2.4. I have checked the 
>> FAQ but did not find anything about NFS mailboxes. The dir 
>> /var/spool/mail/ has got the permissions 01777.
> I guess the files/mailboxes are kept open. Use lsof or similar tool to 
> find out which files are open and which programs keep them open. I did a 
> *quick* check and balsa appars to close mailboxes properly (in my quick 
> test).
> -pawel

It is the same here at home. An 'lsof | grep mail or grep balsa etc' does 
not show any opened files by balsa. I do not think that my problems 
umounting NFS mailboxes depend on that. Any further ideas?



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