Re: gentoo

On Tue 15:32, 23 April 2002 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> On 2002.04.23 14:55:36 +0100 Lang Hurst wrote:
>> Sorry, I guess that my posting wasn't quite as informative as it could have 
>> been.  The problem is during ./configure.  The error is:
>> checking whether to use LDAP... no
>> checking whether to build ESMTP support... yes
>> checking for smtp_start_session in -lesmtp... no
>> configure: error: *** You enabled ESMTP but esmtp library is not found.
>> This is after building libesmtp from source.
> did you build with
>   --enable-require-all-recipients add extra API call, needed for Balsa 
> (default=no)
> ?

For the current libESMTP (0.8.12) this doesn't matter anymore, the option has 
gone and the corresponding API is "official".  In the end I couldn't convince 
myself that it wasn't useful in some situations.

Any libESMTP version <= 0.8.11 definitely needs it, --enable-all has the same 
effect but it enables a number of other features as well, currently ETRN 
support (not terribly useful) and nonstandard EHLO AUTH=login syntax (handy 
for broken Yahoo! MTAs).


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