Re: Feature request

On 2002.04.09 18:53 Rikke D. Giles wrote:
>> Do you have `Send message as type text/plain; format=flowed' checked?
>> And did you try Edit->Wrap Body?
> I get this same problem, where the original text in the reply is 
> formatted strangely.
> I have 'send messages as type text/plain; format=flowed' checked.
> I also tried Edit->Wrap Body on it, it did nothing.
> This only happens on certain emails.  I can't be sure, but where I 
> know I've seen it happen most often is emails from lists at 
> yahoo.groups.  That doesn't mean it is confined to replies to those 
> list, however.  I can forward a sample email from such a list, if it 
> helps,
> Cheers,
> Rikke

If it happens only on particular emails, they were probably *sent* 
without format=flowed, or they contain text that's been included from a 
source that wasn't f=f, or ... 
Balsa *shouldn't* reformat text that isn't f=f; see for discussion. You can convert any text to 
f=f by inserting a space at the end of any line that you want to be 
interpreted as part of a paragraph to be reformatted. Perhaps Balsa 
should have a menu item for doing that to a selected block of 
text...any offers?

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