filters and multi-level mailboxes

I just installed the newest development version (1.3.4) and I like it.  It
is the most featureful open source e-mail app I've found.  Thanks to all the
great balsa developers.

However, I'm having a problem with the mail filters feature, in that I have
many many mailboxes (in mbox format), in many different directories.  When I
try to make a filter to move a message to one of them, only a single level
of mailboxes shows up.  So since I have so many mailboxes, it scrolls off
the page and I can't pick the one I want.

Could you just allow an optional free text field for the user to type in the
mailbox they want to move the message to?  Either that or support
multi-level mailboxes?

Looking forward to your response,

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