Re: Highlighting URLs

Am 2002.04.03 21:46 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> Balsa currently highlights a URL in a plain text message by setting it in 
> a distinctive color, and indicates when the cursor is over the URL by:
>  - changing the cursor to the `pointing hand';
>  - showing the URL in the status bar at the foot of the main window.
> In Gnome-2, text will be shown in a GtkTextView widget, which would make 
> it possible to add more bells and whistles. For instance, the text could 
> be underlined when the cursor is over it, or changed to yet another 
> color, or both. However, we shouldn't necessarily make such changes just 
> because we can! Has anyone seen a really effective treatment that Balsa 
> could adopt?

I like it the way evo does it.
It colors and underlines the link.
It's the perfect solution 'cause joe user thinks: "when there is no 
underline, it's no link" (believe me, I tought that and normal users realy 
don't like exceptions or new ideas in this direction ;-)

If it's possible I would give it a little bit sugar with a chaning color 
for the underline.
In normal it is a grey underline and when you move the cursor over it, it 
changes to, say black or so...
So it doesn't interrupt you when reading, but it's still obvious and looks 
nice :-)

just my .02


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