Re: Fwd: [ANNOUNCE] : Filters patch against 1.2.0 [e allaud wanadoo fr]

On 2001.09.21 21:47 Andy Piper wrote:
> On 2001.09.21 15:17 Emmanuel wrote:
> > You'll find patches at
> >
> You always post a similar URL, but I find that I have to use
> (i.e. you miss the 'n' from
> person)

My mistake. It isn't working here, but the URL I'd been
downloading from (with the 'n') had misled me - Mozilla
downloaded a 0 byte file :-/

Looking at
I can see a bunch of files, but trying to download one results in
the error  "This server has encountered an internal error which
prevents it from fulfilling your request. The most likely cause
is a misconfiguration. Please ask the administrator to look for
messages in the server's error log."

I haven't encountered this in the past - any ideas?

Andy Piper - Fareham, Hampshire (UK) - ICQ #86489434

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