Re: MDN reception

On Tue,  4 September 15:27 Steffen Klemer wrote:
>    | > > Then I can't find how to set up my balsa to not ask for MDN.
>    | >    | prefs->mail options->incoming->MDN requests->(never)(never)    | 
>works for me .. either that or noone sends me mails with MDN :)
>   no, that is if sb. send you a mail and ask you for a mdn
>   what brian want is in the new-mail-window under options... (request DP)

It was Christophe who asked about this, not me.

Requesting a MDN when sending a message is not the issue.  The issue is how
balsa handles the response, i.e. the MDN itself, not the request for it.


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