Re: Scrolling while selecting

On 2001.10.25 17:48 Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> What is that about, anyway?  The GtkText widget in the Compose window 
> scrolls while you're selecting, but the one in the Message window 
> doesn't?  This doesn't seem right...

The behaviour should be like a browser I think ..

For example in my browser, when I start selecting text, the browser
will start scrolling down or up if I reach the end/top of the visible
part. Also Pan does this.. The same problem with the "View Message" box in 
balsa. This one does
not scroll when selecting to.

> does enabling `editable' enable scroll-while-selecting as well?

I don't know. My browser's html-widget is "non editable" and it
does scroll-while-selecting.

Another suggestion :

When you selected some text in an E-Mail, and you press "Reply"
then only the selected text should be included in the Reply-Email
(with >'s in front of each line, etc etc). This is also a feature
which pan has. (pretty usefull when replying large mails).

Philip van Hoof aka freax (
irc: mailto:freax @

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