Re: Scrolling while selecting

> this idea has its pros and cons:
> pro:    - idea is cool.
> contra: - you tweak the gtk entry widget or the way it
>           was made by the gtk widget writers.
> i think tweaking a default widget with embedded features
> would cause that balsa becomes inconsistent and probably
> doesnt operate anymore with new gtk widgets.
> alternative would be to create a new instance of the
> entry widget object and create a completely new widget.

Hi Ali,

You are right about the contra's. So I was thinking..
maybe it would be a good idea to make the headers
entry different from the mail-body entry ? I think pan
also does this when you don't use gtkhtml, else it
"creates" an html page for each newsmessage (right?).
Well.. (checking) pan uses labels for the headers and
an entry for the message-body (non gtkhtml here).

So basicly it comes to this : The headers entry has
it's own scrollbar (if needed), the body entry has it's
own scrollbar (if needed) and both are completly
seperated entrys.

Pro's :
	Selecting text does not need any hacking. The
	default text-widget and/or gtkhtml-widget will
	do all the work.

	The size of the header-entry can be defined by
	the user (if this configuration-option is wanted).
	Displaying all headers is not frustating anymore
	(to large)

contra :
	 It's a completly new way of working for balsa
	 I guess a lot things will have to be changed

Before I start with this one .. i'll let the autors of
balsa decide about this one :). I will fix "something"
for my personal balsa anyway .. but if possible I will
focus myself on the best solution of course. Inventing
four different wheels is even worse then reinventing a

(for me, it's really frustating that I can't select larger
blocks using my mice; I always "View Source" and select
my text there -> but thats an extra step that I have to
take.. I hate taking extra steps when things have to go
fast here :-\)

Of course you can also create a completly new widget,
but I am not really into "inside GTK+ programming"

Philip van Hoof aka freax (
irc: mailto:freax @

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