Re: Reply to Group?

On 2001.11.13 12:37 Martin Leopold wrote:
> I'm subscribed to a mailing list with wich reply-group doesn't work 
> (local mbox). After looking at the headers I noticed that neither 
> x-beenthere or x-mailing list were not included in the header. The 
> list is run by ezlml (chosen by my ISP) and in the documentation they 
> don't say anything about how to set it up to send any of the 2 fields.
> So i tried to look ouround for the "official" filds in some rfc, but 
> I couldn't find any resebleing those 2. What I could find, though, 
> was RFC2369 which doesn't talk about any of the fields but about 
> list-help, list-post and others. Do you know what the "right" fields 
> are?
> If RFC2369 is the only document on the subject wouln't it be right to 
> set the reply address when selecting grop-reply to the value of the 
> "List-Post" field instead? If I look at the headers from the ezmlm 
> managed list the list-post field is included, so this would solve my 
> problem.
> Regards Martin Leopold.
> Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

Yes, we should try to keep Balsa standards-compliant when possible :)

Since RFC2369 describes URLs rather than simple addresses, it's not 
quite as simple as plugging in the "List-Post" field, but if it's just 
a `mailto:' URL, it's not too difficult! We still need to make sure 
that we get all the headers for IMAP messages.


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