Re: Compose Window

On 2001.05.25 09:00 Matt Payton wrote:
> I'm running Balsa-1.1.5, compiled from source on Mandrake-7.2, using
> Icewm, 
> also compiled from source.  When I start a new message, or reply,
> etc., the 
> Compose window is almost as wide as my screen, and I can't resize it
> horizontally.  The vertical resize works OK, it's just the
> horizontal that 
> I get no response from.

I had the same problem. But found that the fix was to use a mono typed
font. I had modified my font display for another font, and the window
sizes are dependent on being able to "assume" how large each text line
will be.

Change your font to "fixed" and it will work fine. It's not pretty,
but it works :-)

Someone also suggested "lucida mono" which I believe is a MS Windows
TTF (so your font server must be able to serve up ttf's).

Hope this helps,

Eric Dexter

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