Re: compilation error

On 2001-05-16 22:52 Olivier Anh wrote:
> I tried to compile balsa 1.1.4 on my RH 7.0 system, using the pspell
> 12.1.tar.gz
> balsa-initdruid.c:91:41: nothing can be pasted after this token
> balsa-initdruid.c:93:51: nothing can be pasted after this token

There is a bug in the gcc-2.96-<something> (in /usr/bin/cpp, exactly)
shipped with RH-7.0. Of course, you can use

./configure --disable-more-warnings
(as it was pointed out)

but this is a workaround, not the solution. The "right" solution is to
upgrade your compiler. The simplest way is to get the compiler suite
from RH-7.1, or at least RPM from nearest "Redhat Updates" mirror. The
compiler (2.96) shipped with Redhat is a snapshot of 3.0; the snapshot
compiler suite  which was initially (in RH-7.0 era) somewhat buggy but
is are much better for C++ (not an issue for me) and generate faster
code on non-Intel architectures (like Alpha; still, they leave some
space for improvement).

Pawel Salek (
Theoretical Chemistry Division, KTH voice: +46 8 790-8202

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