A mail regarding the option to search in/for mail.

I realy want to be able to search in and for mails and since i dont have
that option in Balsa 1.1.3
i figured that i might aswell try to fix that myself.
Remember this: you shouldn't take me for seriuce!
I dont know that much about Balsa and i have only played with Gtk/Gnome for

about a year or two.. so i will probably not manage to do this.
But i guess its stupid not to try :)
I was just wondering if you have some kind of "map" with all 
widgets and stuff that Balsa uses?
I know that its not normal for programmers to do this..  but well..  i
might aswell ask :)
There are many reason for that question.. but one, i think, is that if i
get some error 
when trying to do this.. then i want to report the error to the user. 
Kind of like a warning message..   and i dont know if Balsa has a default 
warning-widget/window that you use to display messages.
I think i have seen one..  so i guess you use one.
But..  well.. i guess i have to read the source more tonight.

And by the way, i saw in the source that you 
have outcommented (Yes, its probably not called that in english, but if you
translate it directly 
from swedish, then its called that :)
Well..  you have put the "/* */" around the creation of the search option
in the 
Is this there becaus you are working on it or is it just there for fun?
Becaus if you are workin on it.. then i might aswell just wait for you guys
finish it :)
Well, as i said earlyer in this mail.
Dont take me for serius :)
But well..  its better to try than not to try!


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