Re: balsa-1.1.3 released

On 2001.03.30 16:48 Julian M Catchen wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> I just installed Balsa 1.1.3 on my SuSE 6.3 system.  I use mostly mH
> Anyway, with this new release (I was previously using 1.1.1) when I open
> several mailboxes in a row, balsa goes into some infinite loop and
> consumes
> all CPU resources.  I have to do a kill -9 to get the CPU back.  I am
> thinking this may be because of the mH mailboxes?  It usually will read
> two or three mailboxes, but then on the forth it goes nuts.

When I think about the code, it seems quite likely. the mailbox opening is
done in a thread, and I have tested only mbox format and IMAP against it. I
will have a look. In meantime, you could try recompile balsa with

--disable-threads configure option.

Thanks for reporting this,

Pawel Salek,

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