Re: Killing the whole system

The interesting thing about this is that when my system crashes, the
whole system goes down immediatley.  There is no hard drive grinding to a 
halt, nothing.  Balsa starts up, I click on a mailbox (or on the compose 
button) and *bam* the whole thing stops responding.  There isn't enough time
for the virtual memory and swap to be eaten.


>Doesn't it use ee to view images? I've had ee and convert spiral out of
>control and consume all swap, crashing the machine after about 30
>seconds. Upgrading imlib fixed it -- don't remember the old version, but
>I'm currently at imlib-
>Jack Coates
>Monkeynoodle: It's what's for dinner!
>>On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Pawel Salek wrote:
>> On 2001-03-20 18:06 wrote:
>> > System specs include:
>> >
>> > SuSE 6.3
>> > XFree 4.0.2
>> > Gnome 1.2 (mostly the latest Ximian packages)
>> > Kernel 2.4.1
>> > I am not sure which version of glibc I am running
>> > (not at my computer right now)
>> > Balsa 1.1.1
>> Haven't you been running netscape at the same time, or similar memory
>> consuming program?
>> I don't see a way balsa could consume that much memory that system
>> starts trashing...
>> /Pawel

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