Re: Killing the whole system

Yes, sometimes when this has happened my machine has been loaded (XEmacs and 
Mozilla plus a bunch of rxvts), which makes it 10 times more painful when it 
dies.  But this is how I always operated before without issue.

On 2001-03-20 18:06 wrote:
> System specs include:
> SuSE 6.3
> XFree 4.0.2
> Gnome 1.2 (mostly the latest Ximian packages)
> Kernel 2.4.1
> I am not sure which version of glibc I am running 
> (not at my computer right now)
> Balsa 1.1.1

Haven't you been running netscape at the same time, or similar memory
consuming program?

I don't see a way balsa could consume that much memory that system
starts trashing...


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