Re: Outbox traffic jam?

On 2001.06.28 03:56 Brian Stafford wrote:
> This is getting quite frustrating...

Understandable. Would a report of progress help?
libESMTP 0.8.2 has taken care of most of my problems. I still can't send
out a large ( > 1 Meg ) attachment, though. Thre's lots of modem activity
in the attempt and the dialog box reads:
	To: 250 <recipient address>

Eventually, the mail gets shuttled off to the outbox. I suspect that
there's a timeout problem involved, especially since I'm currently on a 56K
modem at the moment and we are talking a span of minutes before things give

Does this help?

Raven (not the OTHER Raven, THAT Raven! :-)
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