Re: How the list determines who can submit

On 2001.06.26 11:16 Brian Stafford wrote:
> On Tue, 26 June 17:09 Karl O . Pinc wrote:
> | (The last one was how libesmtp 0.8.2 has somehting wrong with the
> | smtp_option_require_all_recipients symbol.  The message didn't seem to
> | make
> | it to the list and is currently in the deferred queue to be sent to
> | Brian
> | Stafford.  Hopefully it will get to him.  I no longer have a copy.)
> Nope, nothing wrong: you need to
> 	./configure --enable-require-all-recipients ...
> as explained by ./configure --help and in the README!
> The reason for this is that the smtp_option_require_all_recipients
> API is a hack and its going to be removed just as soon as I get some
> time to fix the code in Balsa.

Ok.  I tried it and it works, and the hang in smtp is fixed too!

I just did an "rpm -ta libesmtp*.tgz".  It would be nice if you would fix
the specfile so it works out of the box.


Karl <>

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