Re: Nameserver calls - libesmtp problem?

On Fri, 22 June 13:38 Albrecht Dreß wrote:

| O.K., I tried the example code there... and it does *NOT* *NOT* dial
| in when I
| try to resolve localhost (see the attached c program...). Now it's
| your turn
| to explain that...

I would if I could. :-( 

I'd *really* appreciate if someone could review my code (the relevent
files are smtp-api.c, gethostbyname.c and protocol.c) and check that I'm
using gethostbyname_r() reasonably.

| > | Well, I actually had the problem that Netscape seemed to call the
| > | nameserver
| > | in regular intervals for no good reason, thus initiating dial-ins.
| > 
| > Probably polling POP or IMAP servers.
| Nope. I always use fetchmail in non-daemon mode...

I'm pretty sure Nutscrape polls POP servers about every 10 minutes
or so.  There's a deeply buried option in the Preferences dialogue
somewhere I think it can be turned off.

| It's great that you pointed out that problem! I think, at least if we
| (or you
| ;-)) resolve this strange problem, we should use this solution as a
| replacement for all gethostbyname's in balsa...

Regarding alternatives to gethostbyname():

I notice that libmutt (but not Balsa in its pop3 code) uses the
Posix getaddrinfo() if it is available.  However as I understand it,
Solaris provides getipnodebyname() instead.  Naturally, these return
different structures.  To make matters worse RFC 2553 describes
*both* interfaces.  Grumble ... fume ....


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