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On 2001.07.17 03:26 Brian Stafford wrote:
> On Tue, 17 July 09:06 Raven wrote:
> > If I drop down the context menu in the mailbox tree, there are three
> > of mailboxes I can create (I know what IMAP is and it's not relevaant
> > me). There's mbox, Maildir, and MB. What is the difference between them
> > when should each be used. My current method of creating folders and
> > mailboxes, which I discovered before this code was stable, is to find
> > place in the ~/mail directory that I want to place my folder or mailbox
> > and either make a new directory to create a folder or issue a touch
> > in the appropriate directory to create a mailbox. I then go back to
> > and rescan the tree.
> The only sane mailbox format is maildir, the others are problematic.
> Especially mbox.  Of them all only maildir is reliable.  Don't use the
> others unless you need compatibility with other programs.  For more on
> maildir see

Well, having read that web page, I've managed to determine that what I'm
doing isn't maildir. I guess the next questions are:
1) what *am* I doing,
2) is there an interface in balsa so I don't have to do it from gmc,
3) if maildir is really preferred, is there a way to convert my current
mailboxes to that format.


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