Re: PATCH: Misc GUI fixes

On 2001.07.15 03:05 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> that's the main idea. if you don't like what it does, don't use ;)
> but please, keep the user preferences open ;)

The main idea is to have a tool that the user can use to make everything
illegible and then be unable to fix it? I was just playing with it when I
wrote a message - I ended up having to copy the text to a new message window
because the header fields had become utterly inaccessble.
User preference can be safely applied through the options on the view menu,
and as a matter of fact, for each header field a toolbar button could be
added to make things even easier. What is there now is dangerous to the
novice user, every user will make that mistake once, if she's playful
I think that box needs to be gone and other means to achieve the desired
results should be added if the view menu is not enough.

That's my $.02


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