Re: BUG: Identity selector does not set selection to default, default entry cannot be deleted successfully

On 2001.07.14 01:07 M . Thielker wrote:
>  I just discovered 2 new bugs in the identity code:
> when I use select identity, the selection is always on the first item in
> the list (which is not the default). When "OK" is clicked, the identity
> in the From: field does not change to reflect that, but stays at the
> default. To in fact select the first entry in the identities dialog, it
> is necessary to click the already selected first line, then click "OK"

The default action was to cancel selection. Fixed.

> There is a default identity, which I want to delete. When I delete that,
> I am asked to confirm that, which I do.
> A few program runs later, an identity named "default" is back, it is a
> copy of the real default identity. When it's deleted again, the same
> thing happens: it reappears after a short while.

The identity was removed from the memory structures but not from
configuration file. Fixed.



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