Re: balsa 1.1.7

Hi Ali,

On 2001.07.14 10:07 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> hi melanie,

> branch as many other gnome projects does.. one CVS for clean
> STABLE tested patches (that gets us forward to next release
> and one to test).

This is really the first time I am doing anything like that. I only intended
to let people see those patches to test and look at. I didn't mean to cause
any confusion.

> balsa but since balsa is 'the gnome mailer' it should also
> follow up gnome compliant rules, like styles (including icons),
> programming rules etc.

I took my pointers to coding rules, naming conventions and so on from the
existing code. Indentation style is widely different between different
source files, so when I'm adding to an existing source, I use the one used
in the file already while, when I write a new file from scratch, I use my
own. If there's a definite indentation style to use, I don't know. I also
don't know all the gnome, gtk and gdk functions, hust the ones I have seen
used in your code.

Well, I've now moved to make a "New mail has arrived" dialog box and fixing
the new mail sound, because I really miss these two things.


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