Re: Funny behaviour strikes back

Buvo Pn, 2001-02-09 18:23+0100, kai Michael Duelli rašė:
> Hi all,
> Perhaps you remember my mail some days ago in which I told
> you of a IMHO "funny" behaviour I had with some mails.
> Just to keep it simple when clicking into the text preview
> the text jumps to the right.
> I investigated a bit and compared this special mails which
> showed this behavior and found out that all of these mails
> contained a line like this:
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-13
> So I changed the 13 into a 1 and the "funny" effect has gone.
> I changed it back and it was there again.
> I wrote a new mail myself and change the iso-8859-1 to iso-8859-13
> restarted balsa and I got the same effect with this mail.
> Could anyone please, please, verify this and tell
> whether this is caused by balsa or by my SuSE 7.0.

heh, I write mails with this charset ;) I do not see this funny behavior.

I also do not see characters specific to this charset properly. It is
because probably someone changed gdk_font_load to gdk_fontset_load, and
while it helps Korean people, it also makes Balsa unusable for Lithuanians.
Something strange with gdk...

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