Wish list . .

Hi all,

The program is going great - keep it up!

A couple of things that would be nice to have in Balsa (for me at least) 
that Eudora has:

- Deleting items with the Delete key
- Automatically created separate files for attachments instead of hexed 
text in the mail message - (or does this go against some RFC or something?) 
- Eudora keeps them in a dir called "Attach" which does get a bit big after 
a while - maybe there could be some more sophistication there . .
- searching folders for text
- importing Eudora folders

Then there would be one more Win thing I could get rid of (I use Win4Lin on 
a RH7 machine) - once I can change all my mail to Balsa and get Kylix (the 
C++ version) . . I'll be just about in heaven . .


Philip Rhoades

Pricom Pty Limited  (ACN  003 252 275)
GPO Box 3411
Sydney NSW	2001
Mobile:  +61:0411-185-652
Fax:  +61:2:8923-5363
E-mail:  philr@mail.austasia.net

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