Re: [PATCH] Re: Unread messages un-highlighted

On 2001.12.18 18:27 Jon Tai wrote:
> I have set my scan depth to 3, and I only have folders nested 2 
> layers deep.  When I start balsa, the IMAP account is highlighted, 
> indicating messages.  But when I expand the folder tree, there are no 
> mailboxes telling me where there are new messges.  Only after about 
> half a minute do they appear.

I can't explain that. On my setup, when I set the scan depth large 
enough, expanding or collapsing the IMAP tree is instant, and the 
highlighting is always consistent. When you write `there are no 
mailboxes telling me where there are new messages', do you mean that 
there are no mailboxes revealed, or that they are revealed but not 

I guess this might be server-related: I'm using Cyrus, but I believe 
that others have tested the cvs code on uw-imap. 
> In balsa-1.2.3, as soon as mail was "checked" (the IMAP account 
> became highlighted) the mailboxes below it were highlighted showing 
> me where my new messages are.  Using a new scanning method that 
> benefits people on slow connections is great, and I don't mind 
> dealing with a few development releases, but in the long run I don't 
> think balsa should penalize users on a fast connection with a 
> confusing "you have new messages, nevermind you don't (they 
> dissappeared), sorry you do after all" behavior.  Other mail clients 
> I've seen handle this properly, and while balsa may not at the 
> present, I just want to ensure that it will eventually.  - Jon

Thanks--so do I!

With a fast connection, is the repeated mail check implemented in my 
previous patch a nuisance?


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