Re: printing preferences?

On 2001.08.13 18:18:44 -0700 M . Thielker wrote:
> I also think that this is better placed in the printing dialog because it's
> more a per-job thing with defaults than a global preference setting, in my
> opinion.
> However, the print dialog needs to be rearranged, it's too tall for 800x600
> and 640<480 screens.

You are right about the need for rearrangement and it is probably too tall for
640x480.  On my system it would fit in 800x600 as it it sized at about 320x580
with window decorations.  I'm spoiled and use 1600x1200 so I often forget about
visibility on smaller screens.

I'm open for suggestions on how to re-arrange the dialog, but it probably
won't be easy since the print dialog is from libgnomeprint.  I seem to recall
seeing some app used a slightly different API that gives the app a little more
control of the dialog - I'll try and find it.

Lynn Kerby <>

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