Re: WISH: An attachment reminder - Good idea!

Personally i think the idea is a bit silly, though potentially useful to
some. certainly no harm. 

since we're being snazzy, i think the snazziest way to do it would be for
the reminder to pick up on a key phrase inserted into the text. this should
be configurable. for example i could configure my keyword to be XXX, then i
could type: "im attaching a file for you XXX that explains..."
the reminder would pick up on this and then remind me when im about to
send. this is the least hassle, imho, when typing, and many people
regularly use similar methods to "mark" email, documents, etc. built-in
recognition of it would be nifty.

all pretty useless, but snazzy. 


> > > So my idea is to create an "attachment reminder". While writing a
> mail
> > > to which you want to attach something, you click, e.g. "activate
> > > attachment reminder". Before sending, balsa would ask something like,
> > > "Have you really attached all your attachments ?"
> > > 
> > > Please tell me what you think about it, and whether or not you know a
> > > program which already provides this feature.
> > 
> > If you remember to click the 'activate reminder button' you might as
> well
> > click the 'attach file' button instead and just save a few clicks
> > altogether.
> > Instead of 'activate reminder' -> 'attach file' you just do the 'attach
> > file' in a single step.
> > 
> I think Michael Duelli's idea is good. It happends to me too that I
> forget
> to
> attach files that I mentioned in my letter. Mostly that happends when I
> have
> to find them on my harddrive or rename them, or compress them, or for
> example 
> I tell I person: "I send you some photos I took at that party/vacation"
> and
> then I have to select which photos to attach and give them good
> describning
> names. And most of the time I havn't done that when I start to write a
> mail,
> then it would be nice if there was a "attachment reminder box" under
> "CC:"
> or
> something like that that I can check in when I write the letter and if I
> press "Send" balsa asks me if I attached all files. 
> Like this:
> To :     [     ]
> Subject: [Holiday photos                 ]
> CC:      [                               ]
> Attachment reminder: [X]
> ---
> Best regards,
>  Jonas
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