Re: Let's catch the "string2.h" bug/warning

As far as I understand, the warning is caused by a bug in gcc
2.95.2 (and others perhaps)

The bug is fixed in gcc 2.96. The workaround is to not compile with
-Wpointer-arith - which is what --disable-more-warnings does in
balsa. Perhaps this work around should be noted on the download page, but
I don't think there is any need for anything further in balsa

(See and the thread
that follows)


On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Michael Duelli wrote:

> Hi,
> I will begin this and hope other will follow to clear
> what causes this bug/warning.
> GCC:     2.95.2
> Glibc:     2.1.2-12
> binutils:
> Distribution: Halloween IV (GPL RedHat 6.1 based)
> Warning/Bug was caused with
>  "--enable-more-warnings":	YES
> (If you shouldn't know what this means, read my last
> reply to a mail of Julian M Catchen)
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> Michael Duelli
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