Re: LDAP - how?

On Mon, 23 Oct 2000 22:46:27 Klaus Dahlke wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to use the LDAP functionality for the companies addressbook. I
> compiled balsa-pre3 with LDAP support (attention:openldap-2.0.6 doesn't
> work) and I get the LDAP addressbook entry.

What of openldap-2.0.6 doesn't work?  I guess I should try :)

> What is the entry 'Base Domain name'? In the server field I put the
> server name as for Netscape or pine. Both do not require any further
> entry. In the 'Base Domain name' I tried several poosiblilites like
> /base=o=xxx, ou=yyy or
> xxx or
> o=xxx

The last one is what it is looking for.

> where xxx is the part of a mail format.
> Any ideas how to get the Base Domain name?

It should be something like "o=My_Company, ln=ZA" or somesuch.
Its the same as ldapsearch's -b option.  In the following example:
'ldapsearch "cn=Berend De Schouwer" -b "dc=ucs, dc=co, dc=za"'
I would add "dc=ucs, dc=co, dc=za".

I am playing around with not requiring a base domain name.  It works
if there is only one base domain name - it might get confused if your
LDAP server has multiple directories.

> Thanks,
> Klaus.
> P.S: Thanks to all the devlopment team. I started with balsa at version
> 0.7.x where I had my doubts whethr is is stable enough for daily work.
> But
> within a very short time I got a mailer basically being able of all the
> necesary day-to-day tasks.
> Good job. By the way: is it possible to
> implement something like threadning as in news groups or as mutt can do?
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Kind regards,				  

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