RE: 0.8.0 bug w/ local mailbox

On 2000-05-23 15:28 Nerijus wrote:
> It also does not detect changes in imap.
> I have 'INBOX on imap' folder. My all new messages
> go to imap. I send a message to myself, then change
> to another mailbox and then 'INBOX on imap' becomes
> bold but shows 0 new messages. When I open it I

The IMAP mailboxes are different from file mailboxes.

It becomes bold - is it means the change has been detected. You don't see
messages because they have not been loaded. You can press 'Check' button
and they will be loaded from the IMAP server. I agree it is not very
intuitive and I am open for suggestions. How should it work? The option is to
load meessages automatically when (IMAP) mailbox has been changed (I just
realized that it the headers only would be loaded, correct?).


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