RE: 0.8.0 bug w/ local mailbox

> > On Mon, 22 May 2000 20:27:05 Peter Williams wrote:
> > > "Check" and "Get new mail" check your POP3 servers... as for
> > > Balsa not detecting changes to mailboxes, I hate to say it
> > > but it's an outstanding bug that really needs to be addressed

It also does not detect changes in imap.
I have 'INBOX on imap' folder. My all new messages
go to imap. I send a message to myself, then change
to another mailbox and then 'INBOX on imap' becomes
bold but shows 0 new messages. When I open it I
do not see that new message. I see it only when I close
and then open 'INBOX on imap'.

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